Our Core Values

To achieve this mission and vision, the Fund will be guided by the following:

  1. Sustainability: We believe in providing solutions that guarantee continuity in value delivery ensuring achievement of long-term fisheries sector goals.
  2. Integrity: The foundations of good governance are enshrined in integrity and transparency.
  3. Good Governance: The Fund will strive to enhance a governance framework that encourages the efficient use of resources and strongly promotes accountability for the stewardship of those resources.
  4. Human Dignity: Everyone who interacts with the Fund at any level will be treated with absolute human dignity. Our engagements will uphold human dignity at the core
  5. Teamwork: The Fund vision is the driver of our commitment to become a better institution every day. As such, it takes collective action to drive a common agenda to realize the Fund’s Vision. Our people will work collaboratively with each other and with our stakeholders to achieve our strategic goals.
  6. Accountability: FLTF will be accountable to Kenyans in all its operations.